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Thank you for your interest in California Mycorrhiza, distributor of mycorrhizal products by Symbiom. Please click here to learn more about Mycorrhiza! California Mycorrhiza is the premier provider of Mycorrhiza for your home garden, commercial property, or sports field.

About Us:

We are The Keeler Group, a family owned company and proud operators of California Mycorrhiza. In 2008, we joined efforts with Symbiom from Lanškroun in the Czech Republic in order to bring you the best quality Mycorrhiza in the market.

About Symbiom:

Symbiom is a pioneer in the development and production of high quality mycorrhizal products for organic and traditional plant cultivation. The expert scientists at Symbiom have dedicated over 30 years to studying and researching the advantages of mycorrhizal fungi on plant life.


Symbiom, Ltd. was founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic. It is focused on the research, development, production and application of products based on high-quality natural components and alternatives to chemical fertilizers. We at the Keeler Group aim for a sustainable system of plant nutrition and protection. Symbiom is one of the few companies in the world who supply high-quality mycorrhiza, and it is the only company working in this field in the Czech Republic.

Symbiom scientists have gradually developed four different products based on mycorrhizal fungi:


The company also brought to the European market two complementary products for even more effective plant cultivation. These products, like the mycorrhizal line, are the outcome of years of research to bringing the best possible results to our customers. These complementary products are CONAVIT®, a completely natural fertilizer, and PLANTASORB®, a unique tool for retaining soil moisture and protecting plants from drought.

California Mycorrhiza is presently marketing SYMBIVIT® as our endomycorrhizal product and in the near future will bring to California and the U.S. the other members of Symbiom’s family of products.

Benefits to using the CALIFORNIA MYCORRHIZA / SYMBIOM system

  • Our foremost interest is supporting our customers so that they can get the most out of our products. Thanks to the team of expert scientist supporting us, we can provide effective professional help and advice for home gardeners and professionals in agriculture, landscaping, horticulture and other fields.

  • Our products were developed by prominent mycologists and have been successfully tested and used in Europe and worldwide.

  • Our scientists can develop custom formulations for our customer’s particular needs, crops and soil conditions.

  • We have the scientific expertise and experience to isolate native species of mycorrhizal fungi and use them to tailor the final mycorrhizal product to provide the best results in any given region.

  • Symbiom has a unique collection of mycorrhizal fungi from different climates and soils collected scientifically from many countries in 5 continents. Our fungal bank includes mycorrhizal inocula from arid and high salinity soils, tropical soils from hot and dry tropic regions, soils contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants, also samples of inocula adapted to various environmental stresses including soils ranging from pH 3 to pH 10.

  • Symbiom is the only company in the world that produces a mycorrhizal product for ericaceous plants (Rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, blueberries etc.).

  • Symbiom is a founding member of the Federation of European Mycorrhizal Fungi Producers This means that all of our products have to meet rigorous quality standards, are subject to scrutiny by international experts and are supported by ongoing scientific research and innovation.

  • We collaborate with numerous international partners to create a network of distribution while gathering commercial and scientific experience.

  • Our mycorrhizal products are successfully sold in many countries of the EU especially Great Britain, known for its high standards in plant management.

  • Our philosophy is, whenever possible; make an effort to incorporate in our formulations fungi native to the target region and climate to promote its ecological stability. We do not offer a 'super-strain' of mycorrhiza that works in any condition. Because of the evolution of mycorrhizal symbiosis, we don't believe that this approach is right or that it brings the best results. In the majority of natural healthy soils, there are several species of mycorrhizal fungi working alongside each other; for that reason our mycorrhizal products are always formulated to contain several complementary species of fungi.

  • We are open to our customer’s questions and qualified to provide comprehensive advice on the whole product range. We welcome your feedback and remarks. Please e-mail us to
  • Symbiom’s motto:
    Which is the approach we employ in all stages of our research and production.

    California Mycorrhizas motto:

    In nature, mycorrhiza has been in symbiotic relationships with plants for hundreds of millions of years.

    What can you expect from mycorrhizal treatment?
  • Better and more balanced growth

  • Stronger and more dense root system with a largely improved ability to get nutrients and water from the soil

  • Richer and denser folliage, flowers and fruit

  • Significantly lower need of watering and fertilizing

  • Higher resistance to drought

  • Decreased stress during transplanting

  • Stabilization of surface

  • Protection against some soil pathogenes and diseases

  • You will see the improved growth and health in your plants, with more abundant blossoms, leaves and fruit. These effects of mycorrhiza have been supported by decades of independent scientific studies and experiments.
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